Thank you to the ECAWA 2022 State Conference Team

Thank You to the #ECAWA2022 State Conference Team!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our ECAWA 2022 State Conference – #ECAWA2022 –  such a great two days!

If you didn’t make it, sorry but you missed a marvellous two days of really interesting presentations by excellent presenters!

Special thanks are due to Christ Church Grammar School for allowing us to use their wonderful IT Centre facilities, and for the support of their staff members.

Thank you to the Australian Computer Society, the ACS, for their support in making Catherine Newington available for this event.

Thank you also to Grok Academy  for their support in sending along their team of Rob Poulter, Alex Myer and Penny Player, and for sharing their wonderful news about the Wise Tech Global sponsorship, and what it will mean for us. If you have not yet caught up on their news that Grok Academy resources will be made available at no cost to Australian schools, studets and teachers – check out the details on their website.

Our Keynote Speakers, Catherine Newington, Glenn Murray  and the team from Grok Academy each brough something different, special and interesting for us to think over.

The Major Presentation on Friday afternoon by Donna Buckley and the team from the Australian Signals Directorate was fascinating, and it was especially interesting to hear about the pathways that the presenters had followed to arrive at the ASD.

Our Presenters, in their various workshops and presentations, kept us informed and interested, and sent us off inspired to try new things.

Thank you especially to all of the Presenters for sharing their expertise and passion.

Over the next couple of weeks we hope to be able to share some of the slides and notes from presentations as the presenters make these available.

Thank you also to the ECAWA members and Committee members who worked to make this event possible – especially Sue Bicknell who came from the country to make sure that the lunch arrived on time.

You may like to look back over the introductory information about the various presentations:

ECAWA 2022 State Conference Presenters and Presentations!

Dr Martin Cooper

Catherine Newington

The Grok Academy Team

Rob Poulter

Alex Myer

Penny Player

Donna Buckley

Kim Flintoff

Dr Andrew Rogers

Peter Harper

Courtney Weaver and Michael Weaver

Anna Ritzema



Thank you to the ECAWA 2022 State Conference TeamECAWA 2022 State Conference #ECAWA2022