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Getting started with the DOE STEM kits – integrating Digital Technologies across the curriculum.

In 2017 the WA DOE sent every primary school in the state a ‘STEM’ kit to introduce schools to digital technology devices. In this presentation Natalie will introduce you to theses devices and show you way to integrate them in to STEM learning and across other curriculum areas.

This presentation will be offered in Face to Face mode only. It will not be offered online.

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Rob Poulter

Micro:bit Robotics and Authentic Problems

The Micro:bit is a very affordable and accessible and hugely versatile microprocessor which can be used to for everything from basic coding to optimisation and networking.

This hands on workshop is about how you can use the Micro:bit together with the UN Global Goals for Sustainability to allow students to design and create robotics projects to solve authentic problems.

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Peter Harper

Network Simulation with Cisco Packet Tracer

Are you looking for a practical way to explore networking without having to invest in high end equipment?

This presentation will introduce the concept of exploring network simulations using free software – Cisco Packet Tracer. This software allows students and teachers the ability to quickly and easily setup a network structure and configure the network to allow connectivity between devices.

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