Professional  Learning

The provision of a wide range of Professional Learning and Professional Development opportunities is an important role played by ECAWA in the WA education community over many years.

Conferences, workshops, forums, Special Interest Group activities, etc, are usually held out of school hours, either after school, on Saturdays or during term breaks. This allows us to reduce the costs to members by using school facilities, and enables members to attend even in times when replacement teachers are difficult to find.

Workshop presenters are usually ECAWA members who generously give their time freely to benefit their colleagues, however at times the ECAWA Committee has brought in outside paid presenters to fulfil a particular need, when no ECAWA member was available to make the presentation.

Although the Professional Learning and Professional Development opportunities funded by ECAWA are offered primarily to members of ECAWA, we always welcome new members, and the ‘non member’ registration cost for most ECAWA events covers both workshop registration and a twelve month personal membership of ECAWA.

Schools that are members of ECAWA are entitled to register up to three staff members at ‘member’ rates, however we recognise the value of a group of teachers participating in professional learning together and then collaborating on projects in their school, so more places can usually be made available – just ask!

Are you willing to present professional learning to ECAWA members?

ECAWA is always keen to hear from potential presenters. What are you able to offer ECAWA members?

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