Why belong to ECAWA?

ECAWA has been a thriving professional association for well over 30 years, offering members support of a national and international standard.

The ECAWA community is made up of people for whom this support has opened new doors and helped them to meet challenges.

ECAWA offers a variety of services to its members. Aside from the invaluable advice about all matters associated with using information technology in education, we provide:

  • Free or low cost professional learning
  • Opportunities for members to develop their skills and confidence in presenting to audiences of various sizes
  • Technology issues advocacy
  • Regular ECAWA Updates to keep you informed about forthcoming events and opportunities
  • Discounted access to ECAWA State Conference, ACCE Conference and other major PD/ PL events were “member” rates are advertised
  • Subsidies to assist members to attend ACCE Conferences
  • Access to grants and subsidies that may be available from time to time
  • Participation in state wide or national projects
  • Access to Australian Educational Computing journal — Online access via the ACCE
  • Access to regular ACCE ISTE Study Tours
  • Awards: ECAWA Educator of the Year / ECAWA Educational Leader of the Year / ECAWA Digital Technologies Teacher of the Year
  • Nominations for national recognition: ACS / ACCE Educator of the Year and ACS / ACCE Educational Leader of the Year and ACS / ACCE Digital Technologies Teacher of the Year
  • LOGIN Light – online each week during the school term
  • Teacher resource materials
  • Connections with competitions, special purchasing offers, etc as appropriate