The ECAWA Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Educational Computing Association of Western Australia (Inc) is usually held in Term One of the Western Australian school year, but may be held at another time if so decided by the ECAWA Committee.

The Committee will always give members as much fore-warning of the Annual General Meeting as possible,  and is required by the ECAWA Rules to give a minimum of 15 school days notice of the AGM.

Details of the ECAWA AGM will be posted on this website, as well as sent to members at the email address registered with ECAWA. The information will usually be sent out via @ECAWA and @ECAWASecretary on Twitter as well.

Please be sure to keep your contact details up to date as  ECAWeb and email are our primary means of keeping ECAWA Members informed.

Please direct any queries about ECAWA Annual General Meetings to the Secretary:


Last Year – The ECAWA Annual General Meeting – 2023

The  ECAWA Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday,  the 15th of March, 2023.

This meeting was held at Trinity College in East Perth, and provision was made for those members who wished to attend IN PERSON, as well as ONLINE in a Google MEET.

Below is more of the AGM information in case you are interested in this past event.

============ last year’s AGM Notices and Information=============

The Agenda of the meeting is set out on the AGM Notice,  attached below.

We ask that anyone who is intending attend the meeting advise the Secretary of this by the afternoon of Tuesday the 7th of March – at the latest – so that the necessary arrangements for the meeting can be made.

A link to the Google Meet will be emailed to the Google ID members list in the response form, on the Wednesday afternoon, shortly before the meeting begins.

Nomination forms for ECAWA members offering to work on the ECAWA Committee is made available on ECAWeb as part of the AGM Notice.

Full details of the Agenda, as well as links to nomination forms and other information are available to members on this page, and the information will also be forwarded to members by email and will be included in LOGIN Light.


ECAWA 2023 Annual General Meeting Information


ECAWA AGM Notice 2023
Appointment of Member 2023 (email the completed form to

Response Form – Will you be there – In person? Online?

At the meeting we will be electing the members of the 2023 / 2024 ECAWA Committee.

There are 15 positions up for election, including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, LOGIN Editor, Primary Coordinator, Secondary Coordinator, Tertiary Coordinator, and seven General Committee Members.

If you intend nominating someone or seconding a nomination, please remember that it is essential that, as well as the nominator and seconder, the nominee sign the form to indicate that they are willing to accept the nomination, and that the nominee, nominator and seconder are all financial members of ECAWA both at the time of the nomination and the AGM.

You do not have to be present at the AGM to be elected to the committee but you do need to be available to attend meetings regularly and participate in the work of the association.

There are also other opportunities to contribute to the association.

Please consider working as part of an ECAWA sub committee, assisting with LOGIN / LOGIN Light, assisting either the Primary or Secondary Coordinator to arrange PD/PL events or coordinating a Special Interest Group.


Will you be the voting representative of your school or organisation at the AGM?

The ECAWA Rules gives voting rights to individual members and to one representative member from each Organisational or School membership.

In order for Organisational or School members to vote we need to ascertain who that representative member is. If you are attending the Annual General Meeting and will be voting on behalf of your school or organisation, please ensure the appropriate form Appointment of a school voting representative  is completed and signed, and return it to the Secretary before the beginning of the AGM.

Non voting members, including Student Members and additional members attached to Organisational or School Members, are welcome and are encouraged to attend the meeting as observers.

Will you be there?

We need to ensure that there is sufficient places available for members, so it is essential that all those intending to be present please complete the  Response Form  to indicate if you will be attending the Annual General Meeting online. The response form also gives you the opportunity to record your apology for the minutes, if you are unable to attend.