Courtney and Michael Weaver will present "Git on Board": Github in the Classroom" at the ECAWA 2022 State Conference.

Git on Board: Github in the Classroom

A Workshop

  • Have you ever had students working on code at school and at home, only for them to lose their prized USB?
  • Have they made a change to their code that has broken everything, and they didn’t save a copy of their previous version?
  • Do you want your students to leave school with a professional portfolio of their coding projects to help them gain a foothold in the industry?
  • How are you facilitating collaboration on a single codebase for students working on group projects? Github can help!

Used by over 80% of the software development industry, GitHub is the leading version control platform. It also facilitates collaboration on coding projects through its cloud-based hosting services.

GitHub is FREE for everyone and provides additional free services for students and teachers.

With version control becoming part of the ATAR curriculum for Year 12s in 2024, come and learn how you can implement GitHub in your middle and upper secondary classroom NOW!

Courtney Weaver and Michael Weaver


Intended Audience:
Those interested in Middle Secondary (7 – 9), Senior Secondary (10 – 12)

Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont, IT Centre

About the Presenters:

Courtney Weaver:
After 15 years as an IT Consultant specialising in software development, project management and business analysis, Courtney made the switch to teaching 5 years ago.

She is passionate about using her industry experience to build authentic experiences for students. In her spare time, Courtney is a professional opera singer who performs regularly with WA Opera.

Michael Weaver:
Michael is a proficient Business Analyst and Developer with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry.

He has a true passion for solving problems with technology and a particular fervor for finding ways to automate processes in order to improve efficiency.

Michael has experience operating a small business as well as working with large private and government organisations..

He has a love of innovative thinking and enjoys the challenge of lean and agile development challenges, in all fields of endeavour, ‘tech’ and ‘traditional’ business.


Join Courtney Weaver and Michael Weaver at the ECAWA 2022 State Conference on Thursday the 6th and Friday the 7th of October, 2022

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