Kim Flintoff

The rising tide raises all vessels: learner development through the TIDES program.

A Lecture / Discussion

TIDES emphasises interdisciplinary, cross-curricular, collaborative, and community-linked learning experiences to foster increased learner engagement, development, and autonomy through the frames of Technology Innovation Design Enterprise Sustainability.Kim Flintoff

The TIDES program at PCACS was introduced in 2021, with a 5 year plan to a fully developed initiative in the school.

This presentation will discuss the vision, the challenges and the successes that have emerged over the past two years.

Kim Flintoff

WiFi access will be provided at the venue.

Intended Audience:
Those interested in STEM, Middle / Upper Primary, Middle Secondary (7 – 9), Senior Secondary (10 – 12)

Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont, IT Centre

About the Presenter:

Kim Flintoff has recently returned to work in the K-12 sector as TIDES Coordinator at PCACS.

Formerly an internationally recognised high school Drama teacher and teacher educator, and later, Learning Futures Advisor at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, Kim’s work continues to see him engaged in global advisory and consultation roles in all education sectors.

As well as coordinating the Learning Futures Network and co-development of STEM4INNOVATION, his track record includes collaborating on the development of the Innovative Schools Consortium, he is also a founding member of the ShapingEDU community and served as Neighbourhood Mayor for the Connect Education and the Workforce of the Future group, advisory board member to Consortium of Schools Networking Driving K-12 Innovation initiative, FutureWe, NetEDU, OneHE and other projects around the world.

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