Ashleigh BrittPresented by Ashleigh Britt of St Joseph’s School, Boulder – RESOURCES ADDED

This presentation will be exploring how game creation apps can redefine students’ learning and allow them to share their understandings in new, fun and engaging ways.

Students being able to articulate their learning by teaching others is a powerful measure of achievement.

Game creation apps fit fantastically into Modification and Redefinition levels of the SAMR model – what we are all aiming for in effective technology integration.

We will be looking at three game creation platforms – Tiny Tap, Stick Around and Kahoot. A variety of examples of how these apps can be used in the classroom, across all year of primary schooling will be shared.

The presentation will finish with time to explore each platform and create your own games before implementing these great tools with your students.

To get the most out of this workshop you will require your iPad with the apps installed. Please ensure that the apps have been downloaded before you arrive at the Conference venue.

Intended Audience: All those concerned with the Australian Curriculum – Digital Technologies,  Australian Curriculum – ICT General Capabilities, Early Childhood, Primary, Middle School


Ashleigh has made a copy of her slides available for you to view: 16 AB ECAWA Redefining Teaching and Learning Through Game Creation


About the Presenter:

Ashleigh Britt is a Primary classroom teacher in her third year working at St Joseph’s School, Boulder – the Kalgoorlie Goldfields. She is currently teaching Year Four and is the Key Teacher of Digital Learning Technologies. Ashleigh’s classroom is contemporary, with 1:1 BYOD iPads.

This is Ashleigh’s second year as Key Teacher and she has a natural affinity for technology.  She is passionate about its effective integration into learning and teaching, and she is released from her class for two hours a week to work with other staff and their classes to developing their confidence to use technology.

Ashleigh believes in the enormous capabilities of technology to increase student engagement and to allow previously impossible opportunities for redefinition of learning.

Follow Ashleigh on Twitter: @britta238

Join Ashleigh Britt at the ECAWA 2016 State Conference at ECU Mount Lawley.