Breakout Workshop

Presented byJan Honnens

Jan Honnens
Computer Science Teacher and Teacher In Charge – Informatics, Christ Church Grammar School

Jan Honnens is from Denmark where he completed his Masters degree in pure mathematics. He taught mathematics and scuba diving at Scotch College Melbourne 2001–09.

In 2005 he volunteered as a tutor for the National Mathematics Summer School where Dr Ben Burton from the Australian Informatics Olympiad Committee opened his eyes to the beauty and relevance of informatics.

He was Head of Mathematics for about four years at Christ Church Grammar School in Perth 2010–14 where he successfully made problem solving, including computer programming and informatics, an integral part of the mathematics curriculum.

Jan is currently Teacher in Charge of Informatics and has set up a popular pathway for competitive programming based on regular training sessions, competitions and weekend camps.

Intended Audience:

All those interested in Middle School;  Lower Secondary (7 – 10), Senior Secondary (11 – 12); Technical


Join Jan Honnens at the ECAWA 2017 State Conference at ECU Mount Lawley.