Presented by Robin McKean of St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, with Karen Donnelly, Louisa Kennard, Jamie Pearce, Jonelle Mascarenhas, Sharne Clayton, Teresa Richards and Beth Stubbs


In this workshop you will see a working model of an interdisciplinary STE(A)M program embedded across a primary school curriculum with a budget….

This FREEly evolving STE(A)M program includes:

  • A flexible SMiS partnership between our partnered STEM professional and our teachers, that has provided access to real-world, contemporary Arduino, electronics and technical drawing experiences and that add rigour to the year 6 Science, Design Technologies and Visual Arts curriculum.
  • Taleblazing where students use visual blocks of code to create their own historical and mathematical narrative and location based AR mobile game in the environment of the Perth Zoo.
  • Microblitzing in an interactive and kitchen science learning adventure with a digital technologies, design technologies and citizen science blend.
  • Algo-Rhythm where we code and choreograph avatars, animations, robots, students and even teachers.

Learn how:

  • to easily access thinking challenges involving logic, digital technologies, discrete structures, computation, data processing, and algorithmic concepts;
  • to understand how we worked mathematically to record microbe data in order to put microbial scale in context for Tinkercad 3d design and print;
  • to follow a design brief that allows you to empathise, define, design, ideate, prototype, test and share;
  • to develop and compete as Young ICT Explorers and
  • to turn to innovation to design interdisciplinary learning opportunities with a STE(A)M focus.

Intended Audience: All those concerned with the Australian Curriculum – Digital Technologies, Australian Curriculum – ICT General Capabilities,  Early Childhood, Primary, Middle School


About the Presenters:

Robin McKean is Deputy Head Curriculum/STEAM Coordinator at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls. The Junior School team presenting at the Conference also includes Karen Donnelly, Louisa Kennard, Jamie Pearce, Jonelle Mascarenhas, Sharne Clayton, Teresa Richards and Beth Stubbs

The St Hilda’s Junior School team are passionate generalist teachers from K-6 who can establish enterprising partnerships with government agencies eg: CSIRO and industry mentors; who participate in successful action research projects and regular professional development that include cross sectorial network meetings with likeminded educators and who experience first hand, the highlights of their FREEly evolving STE(A)M program

Join Robin McKean at the ECAWA 2016 State Conference at ECU Mount Lawley.