eChalk – email list

eChalk is an email discussion list concerned broadly with professional development and curriculum issues in information technology for schools, including but not limited to, use of the Internet and other computer and network based technological innovations. The focus for eChalk membership is Western Australian primary and secondary schools, to avoid overlapping with the hundreds of Internet lists operating for schools and teachers in many parts of the world.

Initiated by the Teaching and Learning Centre at Murdoch University in December 1994 on the host, eChalk supports the activities of the Educational Computing Association of WA (Inc) (ECAWA).

In August 2002 eChalk migrated to a new server hosted by the Science and Mathematics Education Centre (SMEC) at Curtin University of Technology.

In January 2005, eChalk migrated again, to a listserver hosted by EdNA, as a part of EdNA’s service Collaborative Tools and Groups.

In late 2012, with the demise of the EdNA lists,  and with the assistance of Professor Margaret Lloyd, eChalk migrated to a new home on a server at the Faculty of Education at QUT.

Most recently, in January 2015, eChalk has moved once again.

The eChalk list continues to be administered by Dr Roger Atkinson and is supported by ECAWA – The Educational Computing Association of Western Australia (Inc) – as a service to the education community.

Information relating to how to subscribe and unsubscribe can be found at the eChalk home page.

As a new eChalkian you may prefer to “lurk” and simply benefit from reading the posted messages. Any messages which are not relevant to you – simply delete.

Should you wish to send a message or question to eChalk, simply make a new message through your email program and send it to:

You can find more information on the eChalk homepage

As you become more confident you can set up mail filters to automatically pick out messages on key topics or from specific people and place them in separate folders for later reading.

If you are not sure how to do this, this can be the first message you send to eChalk to see how quickly help is at hand…