The tickets on this page are available to ECAWA 2017 State Conference confirmed presenters who use the appropriate coupon to complete their purchase. In most instances, your “purchase” will be a $0.00 transaction.

There are a number of options for you to consider when selecting your Conference tickets.

We expect that you will find the procedure very straight forward, but ask you to contact or if you experience a problem, so that we can sort things out quickly.

Please read through the step by step instructions below before you make your selection.

When you have looked at the various ticket options and selected the ticket that matches the day when you will be presenting at the Conference:

  1. Click “Add To Basket.”
  2. In the “Cart” section, double check that you have the correct ticket.
  3. Still in the “Cart” area, if you have been given a Presenter coupon, add the coupon code and click “Apply Coupon.” Click “Update Basket” if necessary. ALERT! If you are a confirmed presenter and have NOT received a coupon code – STOP! Please contact or and request your presenter coupon before you go any further.
  4. If all is correct so far, click “Proceed to Checkout.” You will then be taken to the next section.
  5. If you forgot to enter your coupon code in the previous section you have a second chance to do it here – in the blue box at the top of the page.
  6. Under the heading “Billing Details” you need to enter your name just as if you were actually paying for this ticket.  This will ensure that your Presenter ticket information will be in the same account as any other ticket or membership you may have purchased at some point.
  7. The email address you enter will become your ECAWeb username and you will be asked to choose a password. (Obviously, if you already have an ECAWA account, use that account now.) Your ECAWeb account will allow you to log in again, download another copy of your Tax Invoice and more.
  8. Next, add in your details as Person #1 who will attend the event using this ticket.  The information you enter in this section of the form will be used to create your name tags, certificate of participation, meal vouchers, etc, and the workshop selection details and other information will be sent to the email address you list here.
  9. In the “Special Considerations” area please note any dietary or access needs that are applicable: for example: vegetarian food, gluten free food, etc.
  10. In the “Order Notes” area you can add anything you need to tell us that doesn’t fit anywhere else.
  11.  At the bottom of the page you will see a summary of your order. Please check and correct this if necessary.
  12. You should then select your method of payment, remembering that by this point you should be able to see that total amount owing on your Presenter ticket is $0.00.
  13. Almost immediately after you click “Place  Order” (give it a moment though),  a confirmation email with a TAX INVOICE attached (again – a $0.00 Tax Invoice) will be sent to the address you listed. This will confirm and special requirements that you listed.

Tickets for Speakers and Presenters - 23rd and 24th of June, 2017

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