A Masterclass in Three Parts

Get kids “Hands-On / Minds-On” learning about Data Comms, setting up real mini-networks with real routers, cables, wireless and more…
  • Learn to make your own Ethernet cables and test them!
  • Set up a simple Python based web server on your mini-network, write a simple web-page and then program your own firewall and test if you can keep your intranet inside your LAN and your public website outside on your WAN.
  • See how you can set up enough practical kits to create up 14 LANs in your classroom (28 students in pairs) for under $50 per LAN ($700 for a class kit).
Leave with 10-20 hours worth of free classroom activities!!
Please note:
Part One and Part Two are on Thursday afternoon. Part Three is in Friday afternoon.
Part One: Data Comms theory primer

Part One suits everyone working in K-12, and students in Years 7-12, and will be about an hour in length.


Don’t know a Switch from a Router, or a Bridge from a Gateway?
Don’t know why isn’t an IP Address or can’t tell a sub-net mask from a face-mask?
Do you think Bluetooth is what you get from sucking the wrong end of of a pen?
All these mysteries unveiled… and more!
Part Two: Busy hands!

Part Two suits everyone working in K-12, and students in Years 7-12, and will be about an hour in length


Configure a consumer home gateway to create your own network – wired and wireless.
Static & Dynamic (DHCP) IP addressing
Create and troubleshoot your own mini-internetwork with sub-nets
Learn basic network troubleshooting tools: ping, traceroute
Part Three: Even busier hands!!

Part Three suits everyone working in K-12, and students in Years 9-12.

Choose to set up a simple web server on your inter-network and control access with firewall configuration.
Learn to crimp, create and use test equipment to make your own CAT5 Ethernet patch cable to take home!

In brief:

ECAWA 2023 State Conference
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Dates: Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th of October 2023
Venue: Christ Church Grammar School Download the map:
Parking: Plenty of parking available or arrive by train and walk over to the school.
Presenters and Presentations:
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Record keeping: Certificates recording your participation in this event will be made available at the event
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