Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that encourages creativity, collaboration, and empathy.

In the Digital Technologies learning area, design thinking can be a powerful tool for developing innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Grok Academy will spend time exploring ways to integrate design thinking into the Digital Technologies program, providing practical examples of how it can engage and empower students.

This presentation is a practical introduction to Design Thinking.

It introduces key design thinking concepts, including ideation, failing fast, prototyping and iteration, as well as the skills and dispositions you need to be a great design thinker, such as empathy, open-mindedness, and resilience to failure.

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Grok Academy Team Members: Courtney Weaver and Adrienne Williams

Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont

Join the Presenter and Team from Grok Academy at the ECAWA 2023 State Conference on Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th of October, 2023

ECAWA 2023 State Conference on Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th of October, 2023

In brief:

ECAWA 2023 State Conference
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Dates: Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th of October 2023
Venue: Christ Church Grammar School
Parking: Plenty of parking available or arrive by train and walk over to the school.
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