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IWB vs Large Screen Interactive TVs in the Classroom: What are you doing??

An ECAWA member has asked that we post the following message and request your comments, which would be much valued:

I was inquiring what most schools are using now for interactive technology in the classroom; specifically IWB vs Large Screen Interactive TVs. I know there are benefits from both but is the latter the way to go as some of our iwbs are ageing and frankly the support has been less than ideal, not to mention issues with orienting?
Your recommendation would be gratefully received.

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Lea said,

September 22, 2014 @ 12:02 am

Earlier this year I noticed a large number of a well known brand of used interactive white boards and data projectors in a local WA online auction. I don’t know what the final prices were, but a day or so from the end of the auction very minimal amounts were being offered, and I wondered if this particular technology had “come and gone.”

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