ECAWA Educator of the Year Award

Each year the Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) and the Australian Computer Society (ACS) host the National Educator of the Year Award. This award recognises exemplary educational practice involving the use of computer technology in the teaching and learning environment.

Nominees for this award are the individual state Educator of the Year winners.Each year nominations are called for the Educational Computing Association of Western Australia’s Educator of the Year Award. Those nominated must be ‘Individual’ ECAWA members who, through the use of computer technology, have:

1. made an outstanding contribution to the educational advancement of their students

2. had a significant positive effect on their colleagues, both at school level and within professional organizations

The award is intended to recognise the efforts of ECAWA members who are contributing very significantly to the use of learning technologies in their schools.While it is understood that university based educators, school administrators and district / regional personnel also contribute to the professional computer education community, this award focuses on the efforts of school-based educators. Nominees must be based in a school and considered a member of that school’s teaching staff.

To be considered for ECAWA’s Educator of the Year Award, educators may be nominated by their peers or may nominate themselves.Nominations should address the following two areas:

1. Recognition within the nominee’s institution

2. Recognition outside of nominee’s institution

A successful applicant may not necessarily fulfil all criteria.
The successful nomination will be in the form described in the nomination form.

The nomination period for the ECAWA Educator of the Year Award for 2014 is now open. Detailed information with selection criteria are on the nomination form . Download the nomination form or email and ask for a form to be forwarded to you.

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