Drones Project from “She Maps”

An offer for teachers and schools from She Maps

Thank you for taking the time to read this…

My name is Brook Orr and I am the newly appointed Program Director at She Maps.

We’re pleased to announce in 2023, we will be running heavily subsidised Teacher Professional Learning focused on STEM and Digital Technologies in 14 Australia cities.  This initiative is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Education under the Emerging Priorities Program and is free to attend. Our programs focus on using microdrones to engage students in STEM learning.

Want to bring drones into your classroom?

Register your interest today to join our microdrone teacher professional learning workshops coming to 14 Australian locations in 2023! Suitable for teachers of Years 5-10.

This curriculum-aligned professional development will help you to:

  • – safely teach with microdrones
  • – interact with geospatial technologies
  • – connect with diverse industry professionals

Click the link to find out more and register your interest:

Warm regards,

Brook Orr
Program Director, She Maps

1300 895 795