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The Game Changer Awards

An Informal Discussion


The Game Changer Awards is an opportunity for children in Years 3 to 10 to showcase their innovative solutions to world challenges using project based learning, STEM skills, organisation, teamwork and presentation skills.

Come along and find  out about the opportunities for your students, and how you can be part of this initiative in 2022.

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Michael Leishman

Intended Audience:
Teachers of Junior Primary, Middle / Upper Primary / Lower Secondary

Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont, IT Centre

About the Presenter:

Mike Leishman is a Life Member and Past President of ECAWA with vast and varied experience in ICT / computing / Computer Science / Digital Technologies in education.

He is working as part of the Game Changer Awards Committee to bring information about this very worthwhile programme to teachers and schools.


Join Mike Leishman  at the ECAWA 2021 State Conference on Saturday the 4th of December, 2021


ECAWA 2021 State Conference - Saturday the 4th of December at Christ Church Grammar School