SCSA Review of the Current Year 11 and Year 12 Computer Science Course

Your input please – SCSA Review of the Current Year 11 and Year 12 Computer Science Course

As a result of information received to date from the CACs, the Authority invites stakeholders to provide feedback by completing a syllabus survey before Monday the 9th of March 2020. This is part of the review process.

We have been asked to disseminate the survey link to teachers and other stakeholders in the community as we are told that your feedback is not only appreciated, but integral in the process.

The survey link is:

The survey should take about 15 – 20 minutes to complete

ECAWA member Brett Clarke has noted:

The nature of the survey questions appears designed to simply seek advice on modifying the existing course rather than re-writing it, so if you feel as many of us do that a complete re-write is required, then please read my response that provides a rationale for a re-write. Also, my response will allow you to read all the survey questions to consider your own response before going online to complete the survey as you can only view a few questions at a time and are unable to go back to review your responses.

We are hoping for a strong response to support the significant change required to ensure this course remains relevant to future cohorts of students who are emerging from the compulsory courses in Digital Technologies in K-8.

Brett Clarke’s Personal Survey Response
Year 11 ATAR Computer Science Syllabus ATAR 2016- 2020
Year 12 ATAR Computer Science – SCSA Syllabus (COMPLETE) 2020 


Please make your response as soon as possible, and before Monday the 9th of March.


After you have completed the SCSA survey you will receive a copy of your responses at the email address you nominated.

ECAWA President Michael King is compiling a separate response on behalf of members of ECAWA, and in an effort to make it as easy as possible for members who would like to be included in the ECAWA reponse, asks that, after you have completed the SCSA survey, would you please just forward the email of your survey responses to 

This should save you time and repetition, and assist us to ensure that ECAWA represents the views of members accurately.

You may also choose to provide additional information to ECAWA in an email if you wish.


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