Digital Innovation – Contribute to the Discussion

ECAWA Members – an opportunity for you to contribute to the discussion:

The Education and Health Standing Committee of the Parliament of Western Australia is holding an inquiry into Digital Innovation in Secondary Education, and  ECAWA has been asked to provide the views of the association.

The inquiry will consider:

  1. How digital innovation can assist secondary students to learn anything, anywhere, anytime
  2. The role of digital technology in addressing secondary student engagement and retention
  3. How digital innovation can increase equity of opportunity in secondary education
  4. The potential for digital technology to cater to the needs of high performers and at‐risk learners in secondary education
  5. Challenges to implementation, including provision of digital infrastructure, resources and technical support

We hope that ECAWA members will share their views, knowledge, experience and concerns, so that the President and sub committee may better represent ECAWA members.


It would be of great help if you would respond via the form at 

Please note that your responses should pertain to Secondary Education – Years 7 – 12.

There are no compulsory questions, and you will be able to come back and edit or add to your response after you click “Submit” if you retain a copy of the information in your submission acknowledgement.

You may contribute your responses anonymously if you prefer, however please be assured that no identifying information will be shared beyond the President and Secretary.

While a full set of responses would be most gratefully received, your response to the items that concern you most is also very welcome.

If you choose to supply your contact details these will be used to:

1. respond to any question you may ask
2. contact you for clarification, if necessary
3. contact you to request further information or advice from you
4. share any outcomes from this project

If you have any queries please contact

If there is sufficient interest, ECAWA will also provide some opportunities for members to get together online via a Google Hangout to discuss the questions. There is a place at the end of the form where you can indicate your interest in being part of a Hangout.

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