ECAWA-Update: A Special Opportunity – Presenters Needed!


This ECAWA Update was sent to members registered email addresses on the 15th of June, 2018.

ECAWA is Seeking to Deliver Ten ACA / ECAWA Digital Technologies Workshops 2018-2019

Dear ECAWA member,

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from ECAWA members to take on the role of Digital Technologies presenters in WA on behalf of the Australian Computing Academy and the Educational Computing Association of WA. Presenters will be paid approximately $1000 per workshop.

In this role, the successful applicant will be delivering at least three Digital Technologies workshops in the Perth metropolitan area, as well as regional locations commencing August on behalf of ECAWA and ACA. The successful applicant will also be coached by the ACA team when they visit in August this year. The workshops will explain the key concepts and vocabulary in the Digital Technologies curriculum, provide teachers with a wide range of practical activities and resources to support their teaching, introduce teachers to the DT Challenges and be provided with a PL certificate from ECAWA.

Your workshops will include:

  • Case studies showcasing existing practice, and school-wide scope & sequence, incorporating Academy resources;
  • Hands on experiences with free, classroom-ready resources that target the Digital Technologies curriculum;
  • Introduction to various programming tools available, including visual and text-based programming, and object-oriented approaches;
  • Deep dive into Blockly and Python programming, covering coding aspects of the Years 5-6 and 7-8 curriculum, focusing on defining and decomposing real-world problems, designing algorithms and implementing programs

We are now seeking Expressions of Interest from our ECAWA members who are wanting to be considered as an ECAWA / ACA presenter.

Please include a cover letter and a resume addressing the selection criteria and an outline of your qualifications, educational and workshop/presentation experiences.

Selection Criteria –

  1. Current ECAWA member
  2. Computer Science degree (preferable) or;
  3. Experienced Digital Technologies teacher (minimum 5 years)
  4. Previous presentation/ workshop experience
  5. Registered teacher with the TRB

Must be willing to:

  1. Attend the ACA coaching sessions
  2. Deliver at least three workshops that is suitable for primary and secondary teachers
  3. Deliver one workshop in a regional area

Please send your Expression of Interest to the ECAWA Secretary

Download the letter:


Mike King                                                                      Michelle Ellis
President ECAWA                                                           Vice President


In answer to some questions from members:

The workshops as we understand them, will each be held as a one full day event and during the school term, however, holiday workshops can be offered in some locations.

It is anticipated that all the “dot points” would be covered in the workshop.

The “Expression of Interest” need only be brief, and should address the selection criteria – again, briefly.

You may wish to present your “Expression of Interest” as an email, or you may choose to attach documents to a covering email.