ECAWA 2018 State Conference - Save the Date! June 8th and June 9th 2018

Paul Hamilton at the ECAWA 2018 State Conference


ECAWA is excited to announce that Paul Hamilton will be a KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the ECAWA 2018 State Conference.

Paul will deliver a Keynote Address – Brave, Connected and Unplugged – as well as run a hands – on workshop – Coding in the Primary School – in the programme of concurrent presentations.

Keynote Address
Brave, Connected and Unplugged

How does a school community build a culture of ‘learning with technology’? How, do we as teachers, foster within our students, a ‘solutions-focused’ mindset, and allow students to explore and discover the limitless possibilities technology offers?

In this Keynote Address Paul Hamilton shares his experience as Head of Learning Technologies in a Primary School setting, of the journey towards a shared vision, and the inevitable hurdles that present themselves along the way.

Coding in the Primary School

In this session Paul shares tools and unplugged activities that introduce students to computational thinking and coding concepts.

Make important connections with other Curriculum areas in an authentic and meaningful manner.

This is a hands-on workshop where participants will explore and dive deeply into the Digital Technologies Curriculum.