Making AIT Work for My Class and Your Class

Some thoughts on Making AIT Work for My Class and Your Class – at the ECAWA 2014 State Conference

Presented by

Chris Carmody

.Applied Information Technology has been with us for over 5 years now and has also been through a recent syllabus tune up.

Students who take AIT expect to have a very hands on computing experience, and generally are not the strongest academically.

The reality is that when students are completing AIT at a stage 2 and 3 level, their success in this course is measured by how well they score in their final WACE exam.

Therefore how can we maximise our student’s enjoyment in AIT and ensure they achieve the best academic results they are capable of?

The first part of the session will involve input from the presenter, and in the second part, the presenter will be eliciting input from participants.

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Join Chris Carmody at the ECAWA 2014 State Conference on Monday the 14th of April at Penrhos College.



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