Tagging the ECAWA conference

We value all input from attendees at the ECAWA Conference and would like to use some web2.0 tools to join the semantic web between the conversations over the event.  If you are writing about ECAWA online please add “tags” to it.

Here are some examples:

  • if you are writing on Twitter please use the tag “#ECAWA” to allow us to link conversations.
  • if you are making a presentation please upload it to SlideShare and tag it “ECAWA”
  • if you are taking photos please add the tag “ECAWA” on Flickr or Picasa for example.
  • if are using social bookmarks please add the tag “ECAWA” and also add other tags from the folksonomy from our “community bookmarking” experiment.

Dandelion Clock
Source: Shantivia Creative Commons licence on Flickr