A Lecture followed by Workshop Activity

Do you strive to teach students that just want to play on their device all day?

What if you could engage these students in learning key enterprise skills such as team work, communication, collaboration and problem solving whilst matching these skills to key elements of the Digital Technologies curriculum and the Digital Capabilities Framework?

The aim of eSports is to provide an opportunity for all to be a part of a team and competitive environment, while learning skills that can assist them in all aspects of life.

This talk will focus on how to help teachers and students understand eSports and the world of online gaming.

What are the risks behind gaming?
How do we help students create a healthy game/life balance?
What is gamification and how can we utilise it in a 21st century classroom?
How can your school start an eSports club to help students, teachers and parents understand the positives behind online gaming?

Shaun Barnett and Zoe George


Intended Audience:
Those interested in STEM, Middle Secondary (7 – 9), Senior Secondary (10 – 12), Network and Technical


Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont, IT Centre

About the Presenters:

Shaun Barnett joined the Joseph Banks Secondary College team as a Technical Support Officer in 2017.

Focusing on helping teachers and the College introduce new technology in to the classroom, Shaun moved in to the College’s Network and eLearning Coordinator position in 2019. This role includes the management of all ICT systems within the College, as well as developing strategic plans for change management and the introduction of new ICT systems and tools with in the College.

Shaun is also the academy director for the College’s eSports Academy. One of his proudest achievements is the development of this academy, including winning the 2020 Interschool eSports Carnival.

Shaun is dedicated to creating environments for students to get the best learning outcomes with technology. He is currently studying a Bachelors of Science: Cyber Security and plans to use his learnings to further enhance the Cyber Security programs at the College.

Zoe George is a hardworking, dedicated leader of education, who is passionate about providing students and staff with a positive, engaging, and safe environment to thrive in their teaching and learning.

Having worked in education for five-years, Zoe has been at Joseph Banks Secondary College since 2020.

In her time at JBSC, Zoe developed a passion for cyber security, and has since started studying a Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security to develop her own learning whilst also providing students with rich, authentic opportunities to explore STEAM.

Join Shaun Barnett and Zoe George at the ECAWA 2022 State Conference on Thursday the 6th and Friday the 7th of October, 2022

ECAWA 2022 State Conference #ECAWA2022