Chris Anderson

Database Development with SQLite

A Workshop in Two Parts

Chris AndersonManaging data is an important aspect of Computer Science and understanding how to creates a database is a useful skill for students to learn.

In this session we will explore how to use the SQLite database engine to query existing databases and create our own new databases.

SQLite is a highly portable database engine that does not require the use of a server, perfect for use with small apps and websites. One of the most widely used database engines in the world, it is supported in most major programming languages, including Python, C#, Swift and JavaScript.

Given its simplicity of use, it is the perfect vehicle for teaching database development in an interesting and realistic manner, and can easily be combined with software development to create meaningful learning experiences for students.

Please note that the tow parts of this workshop are long sessions of approximately 90 minutes each.

In Part 1, we will look at using SQL and how to perform a range of queries on a database and how to create a new database.

In Part 2, we will look at combining SQLite with Python to create a suitable user interface for our database. If you are looking for ways to move beyond GUI based database development, then this SQLite could be the solution for you.

Chris Anderson


  • To understand how SQLite fits into the curriculum
  • To learn about how SQLite can be used to teach Database Development in new and interesting ways
  • To experience the thrill of developing a database using SQLite
  • To develop the skills to confidently use SQLite in the classroom

WiFi access will be provided at the venue.

Intended Audience:
Teachers of Year 7 – 12; anyone interested in using SQLite in the classroom; anyone interested in database development

Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont, IT Centre

About the Presenter:

Chris Anderson has been teaching ATAR Computer Science at Christ Church Grammer School since 2008, having previously worked in Software Development.


Join Chris Anderson at the ECAWA 2021 State Conference on Saturday the 4th of December, 2021


ECAWA 2021 State Conference - Saturday the 4th of December at Christ Church Grammar School