Peter Harper

Network Simulation with Cisco Packet Tracer

A Workshop

Are you looking for a practical way to explore networking without having to invest in high end equipment? Peter Harper

This presentation will introduce the concept of exploring network simulations using free software – Cisco Packet Tracer.

This software allows students and teachers the ability to quickly and easily setup a network structure and configure the network to allow connectivity between devices. 

This tool is handy to introduce networking equipment and understand their purpose.

Packet Tracer will also be used to demonstrate network configuration and network communication.

Cisco network icons will also be discussed for best practice in secondary courses.

Peter Harper


WiFi access will be provided at the venue.

Intended Audience:
Teachers of Middle Secondary (7 – 10), Senior Secondary (11 – 12)



Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont, IT Centre

About the Presenter:

Peter Harper has been teaching Digital Technologies for 16 years – specialising in Computer Science.

He has a passion for ICT including computer hardware, programming, networking and web design.

Peter trained as an instructor for the delivery of the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) qualification as part of the Cisco Networking Academy program. During this time he attained his CCNA accreditation.

Peter currently teaches Digital Technologies at Trinity College. He is also the owner of OnTask Assessments, which specialises in developing assessments for WA teachers.


Join Peter Harper at the ECAWA 2021 State Conference on Saturday the 4th of December, 2021

ECAWA 2021 State Conference - Saturday the 4th of December at Christ Church Grammar School