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A lot of schools have access to ClickView, and if your school is one, it is well worth having a look at some new videos on the topic of Computational Thinking Skills that have been added to the Library recently.


One of these is:
Designing Programs with Flowcharts

Even the most experienced programmers use simple visual models and techniques to plan an effective algorithmic solution. In this video, students are introduced to the IPO model and flowcharts as two such methods to abstract unnecessary information in a problem, decompose it into smaller tasks, a recognise patterns and repetition, and program a series of simple steps for a computer to follow.


  •  E
  •  2019
  •  8:02
  •  ClickView Secondary Library
  •  Computational Thinking Skills
  •  Information and Communications Technology

To see this video, the transcript and resources that go with it, log in to your school ClickView account and search for Designing Programs with Flowcharts.