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Approaches to Support Assessment of the Digital Technologies Curriculum – with a note to WA Teachers

A Webinar from the Digital Technologies Hub

Approaches to support assessment of the Digital Technologies curriculum (with a note to WA based participants.)

Presented by: Rebecca Vivian
30 August 2017, 4.30–5.30pm AEST

Rebecca and her team have developed a framework to help teachers with the interpretation of the ACARA achievement strands.

In this webinar Rebecca will share some resources to support assessment of the Digital Technologies curriculum. She will discuss some approaches that can be used to design assessment tasks, and will also provide attendees with some assessment guides.

Registrants should be advised that this extremely valuable Professional learning opportunity will value add any participants understanding of the digital technologies curriculum, its key concepts, assessments standards and linkage the curriculum especially the published and mandated WA Digital Technologies Curriculum.

WA based participants should relate the Australian Curriculum 2 year banded curriculum achievement standards to the year based syllabus and their respective WA achievement standards.

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