3DGameLab, Minecraft and more – at the ECAWA 2013 State Conference

Presenter: Yvonne Harrison of Singleton Primary School

Yvonne Harrison says that she is currently off on a tangent with games in learning and looking into a number of interesting possibilities.

As a lifelong learner Yvonne has been participating in 3DGameLab for her own professional learning, and in this presentation, will show you what she has done, how this platform has excited her as a learner and the possibilities it offers both teachers and students.

As a teacher Yvonne is engaging students in her computer club in the possibilities that abound within Minecraft – They are just starting the journey and Yvonne is documenting each phase they go through in order to collaboratively develop a quest within 3DGameLab.

About the Presenter:

Having used computers in her classroom since the mid 1980s  Ynonne Harrison didn’t think that there would be too many more new tricks that could be useful for an educator of her experience – but she says that she was proven wrong!

Yvonne says:

Over the last 6 years I have journeyed through immersive worlds, discussed a variety of inworld projects with several key educators from around the globe and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing a whole new way of looking at possibilities which abound within immersive spaces. Unfortunately many of these outside experiences, except for Quest Atlantis, are often not limited to selected audiences as they are in the public arena and open to everyone. For reasons of security I have been searching for something over which I could exercise more control and use as a scaffold for enriched learning experiences.

Just this May I decided to leap into another venture as I was looking for an avenue for professional learning that would offer me insights into how I could further transform learning experiences for students in primary school. I was astounded at the range of online learning opportunities which are available but I excitedly took up the challenge from Lindy McKeown Orwin to become a “player” in teacher camps at 3DGameLab. I haven’t looked back! This platform for my learning has been a springboard into new endeavours for a small group of students at my school. It is early days but I believe it has already made a huge difference for these students.


Join Yvonne Harrison at the ECAWA 2013 State Conference on Friday the 11th of October at Penrhos College.



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