iVEC Supercomputing Facilities and iVEC Workshop


presenter – Dr Valerie Maxville, Education Program Leader at iVEC


The Pre Conference Tour of iVEC supercomputing facilities and the iVEC workshop is a full day tour on Tuesday the 2nd of October.

As with the other Pre Conference workshops and tours, participation is not restricted to Conference delegates.  Anyone with an interest in finding out more about supercomputing  is encouraged to attend.

The tour also includes:

  • Morning tea on the tour
  • Lunch on the tour
  • Afternoon tea at Wesley College
  • Access to the
    • Opening Keynote Address
    • Twenty : 20 Challenge
    • Welcome Reception

Participants will board the bus at the Wesley College pick up point by 10.15 am and return to Wesley College by 3.15 pm, in time for the Opening Keynote Address of ACEC2012.

Morning tea and lunch will be provided for participants during the tour, and you will arrive back at Wesley College in time to enjoy afternoon tea before the Opening of the Conference and the first Keynote Address.


Highlights of the day will include:

  • visits to two iVEC supercomputing facilities
  • activities exploring supercomputing
  • activities exploring computational science (doing scientific research with computers)
  • activities around games and teaching computing
  • participants will receive a kit of teaching resources


Computing – Let’s Get Super

Computing continues to diversify to extremes – ultra small and mobile devices contrasting with massive supercomputers. This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore and understand the challenges and opportunities of supercomputing. Visit two iVEC facilities and learn the why and how of supercomputers through demonstrations and activities.

Attendees will receive resources to support classroom exploration of supercomputing and its applications.


About iVEC

As support for science research, iVEC provides supercomputing and eResearch infrastructure to WA’s public Universities and CSIRO.

iVEC is building the $80 million Pawsey HPC Centre for SKA Science as a national facility for computational science research.

We believe supercomputing is a huge opportunity to promote ICT courses and careers to students.


Come to this presentation to see how supercomputing might fit into your curriculum.


Please note that because of the facilities to be visited and the activities involved, the size of the group will be strictly limited.
10.15 am Check in with your Tour Leader, ready to depart

3.15 pm Arrive back at Wesley College for Afternoon Tea and the Opening of Conference, Opening Keynote Address, Twenty : 20 Challenge and Welcome Reception.

Cost: $80.00


NB: ACEC2012 Tours will take place subject to the minimum number of participants being reached.