Keynote Speakers at the ECAWA 2009 State Conference


Thursday the 16th of July

Opening Keynote Speaker: Professor Barry Vercoe

Barry Vercoe is Professor of Music and Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT , and Associate Academic Head of the Program in Media Arts & Sciences

Professor Vercoe is in Australia with One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Australia, which has already deployed four hundred XO laptops to children in the north of Australia.




Friday the 17th of July

Keynote Speaker: Dr Marie Martin

Dr Marie Martin is a teacher by birth, archetype, training and experience. Marie has taught is a wide variety of settings and currently works with teachers and schools to focus on learning – whether that learning is by students, teachers, families or communities.


Generations of Teachers

The teaching workforce is changing. Baby Boomer teachers are idealists with a strong work ethic that revolves around taking responsibility and achieving financial security. Generation X teachers thrive on change, need to feel a sense of achievement and are seeking opportunities for career progression in a flexible work environment. Generation Y teachers are confident and optimistic, need to be involved in decisions and seek job variety and creativity.

What does this mean for us as colleagues in a staff and what does it mean for schools as we seek participation in developing school plans, committees and after hours activities? This session will explore differences between generations and provoke thinking about ways in which teachers can work more effectively together.