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Roland Gesthuizen
Lecturer, Monash University, Melbourne 

Primary and secondary schools around Australia shared a challenge to design and build a 3 x 3 meter model of a Smart City; integrating intelligent vehicles, smart infrastructure & buildings with LED lighting.

During this Smart City project, teachers and students worked directly with engineers and industrial partners to gain a deep understanding about the complex problems and challenges faced.

Students were engaged with constructing buildings, installing electronic circuits, assembling robotic vehicles, programming a navigation algorithm to autonomously navigate through a series of traffic challenges to test collision avoidance and improve road safety.

These models and this work were showcased at the 2016 ITS World Congress to demonstrate the hands-on problem solving, computational thinking and blended learning.

In choosing your personal programme, please note that this presentation will be made on Friday morning, and then repeated on Saturday morning.


Intended Audience

Middle School; Lower Secondary;  Upper Secondary; Those interested in STEM / STEAM


About the Presenter:

Roland Gesthuizen is a STEM Method Lecturer at Monash University, Melbourne. He is Secretary for Mag-Net association for STEM Educators, Journal Editor for the DLTV, ACCELN Cohost and Group Leader for 1st The Basin Scouts. He enjoys tinkering in Maker Spaces, challenging thinking and learning new things.

Many years ago Roland worked as a research scientist with Orica – explosives division. He is an Internet pioneer; first email from a US President and built first website for an Australian public utility. Roland is a Whovian, Trekkie & Space Science Geek; ran an EarthDial used with the NASA Mars Rovers for Planetary Society.

Roland is a Social media guru, and his most ever popular twitter post celebrated #TowelDay.

Join Roland Gesthuizen at the ECAWA 2017 State Conference at ECU Mount Lawley.

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