Breakout Workshop


Presented byChris Betcher

Chris Betcher
Director of Professional Learning ANZ, EdTech Team

The big idea behind Google Classroom is to help manage the typical workflow process between teacher and student.

This workshop will show you how Classroom can be used to handle that workflow in an simple, efficient and paperless way.

You’ll also discover some timesaving ideas for digitising implementing Google Classroom in your classroom!

Chris Betcher has kindly made the slides for his presentation available at



This is a “hands-on” session so bring a computer, Chromebook, iPad or phone, but please also have a Gmail account in order to participate in this workshop.

Bring a computer, Chromebook, iPad or phone.
Also, please ensure that you also have a Gmail account before you arrive at the venue, in order to participate in this workshop.


Intended Audience

All those interested in General Primary; Junior Primary; Middle / Upper Primary; Middle School; Lower Secondary (7 – 10); Senior Secondary (11 – 12)


About the Presenter:

Chris is Director of Professional Learning for EdTechTeam ANZ.

As a passionate educational technologist he is committed to assisting teachers and students use digital technology in engaging, creative and meaningful ways.

He has taught in Australia and Canada, and regularly speaks and presents at events around the world.

He was recognised as the ICT Educator of the Year by the Australian Council for Computers in Education, Australia’s ISTE affiliate. He is a Google Certified Innovator, Google Education Trainer, Google Certified Administrator, Adobe Education Leader.

Chris has a curious mind, asks way too many questions, and likes making interesting things out of zeroes and ones.

Join Chris Betcher at the ECAWA 2017 State Conference at ECU Mount Lawley.