Breakout Workshop


Presented byGeoff Kaye

Geoffrey Kaye MSc (Med) Dip Optom

This workshop will include:-
•       Understand what integrated STEM means, and how it’s used in the workplace;
•       Hear from a partnership using an integrated STEM approach to activities;
•       Student/teacher feedback or observed engagement
•       Participate in hands-on activities which are typically used by students in fostering innovation and critical thinking while attempting to solve real-world problems.


Intended Audience

Those interested in STEM, Robotics, CSIRO Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools


About the Presenter:

Geoffrey Kaye holds a position as a “Scientist in Schools” with the CSIRO SMiS program.

He is a cognitive scientist interested in all things futuristic.

Geoffrey Kaye has a passion for teaching robotics with a view to anticipating the impact on students’ learning of the looming 3rd Industrial Revolution.



Join Geoffrey Kaye at the ECAWA 2017 State Conference at ECU Mount Lawley.