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The Hunting explores the experiences of teenagers as they traverse the complexities of relationships, identity and sexuality via technology, a topical issue in schools today. The final episode of four-part series aired on the 22nd of August, at 8.30pm on SBS, with all episodes available on SBS On Demand.

Young people are increasingly exploring their sexuality online, with 26% of teens having sent a nude or sexual image or video of themselves to someone else.

Experts suggest conversations about online safety should start in the home, as soon as we hand over devices to children, and be reinforced through their educational and learning journeys.

Ahead of National Child Protection Week 2019 (1-7 September), in partnership with the eSafety Commissioner, SBS has created resources aligned to themes explored in the series designed to provide families, carers, teachers and the school community with conversation starters that help address image sharing and cyberbullying with young people, and promote safe and positive experiences online.


The series has an M rating.

Resources relating to this series and the topics explored may be found at

SBS Learn resources available for The Hunting at