Piers Higgs of Gaia Resources

Follow Your Passion: Information Technology as an Enabler

Keynote AddressPiers Higgs of Gaia Resources

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Piers Higgs
Gaia Resources


In this closing keynote, Piers Higgs will explain how his passions for the environment and technology have come together in the form of Gaia Resources, the company he founded 15 years ago.

Piers will explain his own path through to starting the business, how they currently work in the Information Technology area, and what he perceives is coming in the future – both challenges and opportunities.

Throughout this address Piers will tie this back to education models and how he believes this will impact on students, and discuss how their passions can be employed to help them develop a career in the various technology professions that will be open to them.


Intended Audience:

Those interested in STEM, General Primary, Junior Primary, Middle / Upper Primary, Middle Secondary (7 – 10), Senior Secondary (11 – 12), Network and Technical


About the Presenter:

Piers Higgs is the founder of Gaia Resources, an environmental technology company that has grown from a mapping company, to deliver a range of technology solutions including mobile apps, web sites, systems and a broad range of support services.

Piers’ own passion is the environment, and he has carried this throughout his career, weaving technology into the mix to create a unique business that now has offices in Perth and Brisbane.

Piers describes himself as a (now reformed) technology junkie, a frustrated ecologist, and an avid and constant learner.


Connect with Piers Higgs:

Twitter: @piers_higgs; @gaiaresources
Instagram: @piers_higgs;
FaceBook: Piers Higgs; Gaia Resources
LinkedIn: Gaia Resources

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