Change of AGM Date

ECAWA members please note that the date of the ECAWA AGM has needed to be changed, and the AGM will now take place on Friday the 22nd of March, at Wesley College in South Perth. The meeting will begin at 5.00pm.

The change of date will allow the Auditors report on the ECAWA and ACEC2012 accounts to be presented.

Nominations for positions on the ECAWA 2013 Committee will remain open until Friday the 15th of March, and may be posted or emailed to reach the ECAWA Secretary by that date.

Full details of the AGM, along with a copy of the nomination form and other material, may be found at

Please note that previous notices about this AGM that were posted on ECAWeb have either been amended to show the new date or have been removed.

If you have any questions please contact