Schools, Social Networking Sites and the Law – The latest addition to the ECAWA 2009 Conference programme


Social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook are all the rage and they attract millions of users. Facebook has some 200 million active users and MySpace is allegedly signing up about 500 000 new users a week.


Social networking sites have profoundly changed the way people, including educators, communicate and interact. In fact, electronic communications are borderless and very public.


The social and educational advantages of social networking sites have been applauded. However, the exponential growth in the use of social networking sites by students and teachers alike has presented new legal issues for schools. As stated by an attorney for the National School Boards Association in the United States: ‘This is a new frontier in education, where technology and social norms are outpacing law and policy’.


This presentation will provide an overview of the law relating to privacy and copyright and the use of the Internet, in particular social networking sites, within the school context and the implications for school policy.

Presenter: Associate Professor Joan Squelch, Head of the School of Business Law and Taxation, Curtin University of Technology

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