ECAWA 2008 Annual General Meeting

Held at Churchlands Senior High School on the 21st of November.

The guest speaker, Vic Gecas, Head of ICT at Sacred Heart College,  spoke on the topic ‘Vic Gecas in Cyberspace – My life as a geek’. In his talk Vic linked the history of his family from the 1930s with the history of computing, and illustrated his presentation with some fascinating images, facts and anecdotes.

Immediately after this speech the outgoing President of ECAWA, Mike Leishman, called Vic back to the front of the meeting to announce that Vic had been named the ECAWA 2008 Educator of the Year. The presentation of this award is a highlight of ECAWA’s calendar, and the members present were very enthusiastic in their congratulations to Vic.

After the election of the ECAWA Committee, in ‘General Business’, Vic raised the matter of an appropriate way for ECAWA commemorate the lives and record the contributions of ECAWA members who have died, mentioning Kim Lego, Beatrice Lai, Jim Fuller and others. After some discussion it was decided that the incoming ECAWA Committee should investigate the establishment of a Roll of Honour.

Educator of the Year 2008At the end of the meeting Paul Dench spoke to the group about some of his computing experiences in ‘the early days’, in the United Kingdom and in Carnarvon, WA, and the members present shared pizza and conversation.