Scott Johnson’s ICT Skills for Teachers

The ICT Committee at Australian International School Singapore have come up with a list of ICT skills (over a two year period) that they felt they needed in their specific curriculum or Year level area. Teachers K-12 and Admin staff came up with 190 skills (not all applicable to all people but the committee is made up of over 20 staff from Admin and all areas K-12)

We’d been through the whole carrot and stick approach to staff ICT Skills looking at ICDL and a few other ‘tests’. We came up with a much less threatening method of guiding staff PD.

The list is in the form of a survey – more a log of what you can do. It allows staff to keep track of their skills and update any learning during the year – often related to their personal development plans.

Using Sharepoint for the survey, it also gives me overall analytics in a graph form. I can quickly see which areas staff believe they SHOULD know but don’t, allowing me to focus training in that area. The first set of ‘Should I know…” questions are related to the branching logic of the survey – if the teachers choose ‘no’, it skips those survey questions and goes on to the next topic.

It is by no means an exhaustive list of every skill needed but is a good start. Some questions are indigenous to the Australian International School Singapore (We use Synergetic Admin Package, GPS Devices, VoiP Phone System, Moodle and MOSS (Shaprepoint). Many are generic and can be used across any school.

Scott Johnson
Director of ICT
Australian International School Singapore

Staff ICT Skills Log Questions   Staff ICT Skills Log
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