ACEC2014 Leadership Forum

The ACEC2014 Leadership Forum is the latest event of its kind, with a Leadership Forum taking place in the leadup to each ACEC, and an ACCE White Paper produced, based on the work of Forum participants and some post Forum discussions.

Dr Geoff Romeo will write the 2014 White Paper.

ACCE Past President Tony Brandenburg welcomed speakers and participants to the ACEC2014 Leadership Forum at the Adelaide Convention Centre, and thanked the Australian Computer Society and the ACS President, Ms Brenda Aynsley, for the support that the ACS has provided to the ACCE over its history.

Australian Computer Society Education Committee Chair Ralph Leonard, CEO of SABREnet, The South Australian Broadband Research & Education Network, said that he ACS was pleased to sponsor the event and looked forward to receiving the White Paper that the Forum would generate.

Tony Brandenburg also introduced Laurie Quigg of Promethean, and thanked  him for the continued support of  Promethean for these important events.

Martin Levins led the Forum and began by asking groups to list their five highest concerns about the introducyion of the Digital Technologies Curriculum

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