Community Map Survey

Collating data via a web form to display it real-time with relevant metadata

As a way of doing action-learning with ECAWA colleagues on the potential of Google Docs in the classroom, this is an example of surveying responses using a Google Docs Spreadsheet to generate a form that gathers and displays GeoData in a spreadsheet live.

In classrooms where the collection of data can be the basis of authentic learning experiences, Google Spreadsheets offers a variety of useful survey and live data collection tools. If you’d like to learn how to do this one there are some instructions here and here.

The Google Map below collates the favourite suburbs of the anyone in Australia (they can be by invite only too) – please add your data to the form below and then click refresh to see the data appear in this spreadsheet below.

This sort of real world data could be used by a town planner to gather evidence of preference amongst a demographic.  This spreadsheet is published on the web and  is also viewable in it’s own page here.

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