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Below you’ll find an aggregation of the latest links from the ECAWA community for our social bookmarking experiment.

To contribute to this list you’ll need to sign up for a account (this was the unanimous preference in our poll you can see opposite).

To take part, when bookmarking a website complete these two steps: make the title of your bookmark descriptive and tag the website with ‘ECAWA’ and the learning area using our ECAWA ‘folksonomy‘ into the tag field.

Never used social bookmarking before?  Give it a try and see if you enjoy the benefits other educators have observed.  It takes 10 minutes to set-up.  These tutorials/how-to’s will help get you started:

  1. Video intro to social bookmarking
  2. A easy to follow step-by-step on how to use social bookmarks. (Thank you Sue Waters)
  3. Now you are ready try the simple sign-up via this 1 – 2 – 3 (please use your real name).

Please feel free to ask questions or leave suggestions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Start with pasting our tag folksonomy:

To start contributing your favourite websites to the rest of the community tag this very ECAWA website using bookmarks and copy and paste this list of tags into the “tag” field:

ECAWA arts english science SandE TandE languages HealthPe AITcos CompSciencecos accounting arttee biology chemistry economics geography englishlittee historytee humanbiology indonesian japanese teemath music physics primary secondary tafe research

Why does this matter? Because next time you only have to type in the first couple of letters of a tag and any tags you have used previously will pop up to make tagging faster and easier.

Based on the Curriculum Framework this folksonomy will be used to categorise the internet links educators come across please and will appear below.  After you have tagged the website appropriately (we are trusting that people will do so) it will appear in both the sidebar and on this page.

See below the latest links tagged with “ecawa” – tag=ecawa:

As you will see there are already hundreds of links tagged by the generous ECAWA community in or diigo (please sync to first) social bookmarking services.  Here you will find the page we are pulling the main RSS feed from. 

By Learning Area:

Science – tag=science

English – tag=english

Maths – tag=maths

Arts – tag=arts

Health and Physical Education – tag=healthpe

LOTE – Languages – tag=languages

Society and Environment – tag=sande

Technology and Enterprise – tag=tande

The follow link will take you directly to any specific websites and web resources that have been tagged by the ECAWA community and related specifically to TEE subjects.

TEE – tag=tee

Accounting – tag=accounting | Art- tag=arttee | Biology – tag=biology | Chemistry – tag=chemistry | Economics – tag=economics |Geography – tag=geography | English Literature – tag=englishlittee | History – tag=historytee | Human Biology – tag=humanbiology | Indonesian – tag=englishtee | Japanese – tag=japanese | Mathematics – tag=mathematics | Music – tag=music | Physics – tag=physics

Courses of Study

Applied Information Technology – AIT – tag=aitcos

Computer Science – tag=compsciencecos

English – tag=englishcos| Media Production and Analysis – tag=mediacos | Drama – tag=dramacos

By phase of development:

In time we may classify these as early childhood (K-3), middle childhood, early adolescence (8-10) and late adolescence.

Primary – tag=primary

Secondary – tag=secondary

TAFE – tag=tafe

Research – tag=research

Links tagged by the generous ECAWA community.

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