Working with ICT Volunteers in a Professional Partnership

Presenter: Joel Cowey

Information and Communication Technology in Schools, a partnership program (ICTiS)  creates and supports ongoing, flexible partnerships between volunteer ICT professionals and teachers, showcasing real world, contemporary ICT in the classroom.

The ICT professionals bring their infectious enthusiasm for their subject to the classroom which the students find difficult to resist.

Hear from and about ICTiS partnerships including the activities they do together and the impacts of the partnership on students, teachers and ICT professionals.

This presentation explores how ICTiS supports implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and the ICT capabilities and how to fully utilise the knowledge, skills and capacity of a partner ICT professional.

You will hear about what makes effective, successful partnerships, how to develop your own ideas for a partnership and how to successfully incorporate an ICT professional into your ICT education program.

ICTiS partnerships are great way to make your classes inspiring learning environments for the next generation of ICT professionals and to have quite a bit of fun in the process.

ICTiS managed by CSIRO builds on the tremendously successful Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools program.  ICTiS is made possible by additional funds provided by the Commonwealth Government.

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Joel Cowey is enthusiastic about promoting greater science and ICT literacy in the community. He sees the best way of doing this is through high quality STEM education and to ensure students get the opportunity to learn about STEM subjects at school.

Joel works in CSIRO’s Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools team and coordinates the ICT in Schools  – a Partnership program element.

Adding up all the years, Joel has spent 6 years as a purely ICT geek working for the Departments of Defence, Environment, and Education, 23 years as a teacher of science and ICT and three years as a science and IT education policy officer in the Commonwealth Department of Education. There have been occasional stints tutoring IT at TAFE and university and time off for travel, study and parenting.


Intended Audience: All those concerned with Primary, Middle School, Secondary, Upper Secondary education.

Join Joel Cowey at the ECAWA 2015 State Conference at Scotch College.



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