Strategies to Encourage Entrepreneurial Education

Presenter: Shaloni Naik

Shaloni Naik is a technology specialist teacher at Ashdale Secondary College in Perth, Western Australia. She also heads the Specialist Technology Science Program for gifted and talented students and plays a key role in curriculum design, management, and policy formulation. Her passion is enhancing student outcomes through employing new teaching practices and designing innovative curriculums.

Shaloni is also an Adobe Education Leader and is dedicated to enhancing creativity and collaboration and improving the teaching and learning experience. She shares their expertise through workshops and conferences and helps develop standards-based curriculums that are used worldwide.

Shaloni has been involved in various research projects with Edith Cowan University and presented at Edith Cowan University seminars, including one called “Drivers of Transformation Teaching,” where she spoke about creating challenge-based learning environments through a backward design process. She recently was invited to the Adobe Leadership Forum (APAC) in Bali, Indonesia to present a keynote on “Strategies used to develop entrepreneurial learners”

This workshop will showcase new approaches and strategies used at Ashdale Secondary College to encourage entrepreneurialship.

Intended Audience: All those concerned with Primary, Middle School, Secondary education

Join Shaloni Naik at the ECAWA 2015 State Conference at Scotch College.

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