Simple web sites with Adobe Slate, Adobe Muse & Edge Animate

Simple web sites  with Adobe Slate, Adobe Muse & Edge Animate

Presenter : Dr Tim Kitchen

The Internet is a essential communication platform so developing skills to be able to produce quality websites is very important.

Adobe Muse is a website creation tool for people who can’t or don’t want to code. It is a website creation tool for designers who want to worry more about the look and the content rather than the back end code.

Adobe Slate is a new iPad app that enables the creation of a beautiful looking webpage that can be produced and published with ease.

Edge Animate is an Adobe HTML animation tool that works well with Muse to create a range of animated features.

Websites are a great example of multimodal text and students who can develop skills to construct their learning with this type of communication will have a distinct advantage.


Adobe Muse is available as part of the Creative Cloud

Edge Animate is available as part of the Creative Cloud

Adobe Slate is a free iOS devices for iPads on the Apple app store.



Following over 20 years as a classroom teacher in Melbourne, Dr Tim Kitchen is now Adobe’s Senior Education Advocate for Asia Pacific. He is also the Vice President of DLTV (Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria) and on the executive of the Building Bridges interfaith dialogue program in Melbourne schools.

Tim regularly consults with K-12 and Higher Education educators, administrators and government officials throughout Asia Pacific.  He started his education career in 1991 and has taught in all three sectors (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary). Most recently, he was the Director of Learning Technologies at Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School in Melbourne.

A passionate advocate for creativity in education and multimedia, Tim is a regular writer and presenter for a wide range of national and international journals, conferences and seminars.

Join Tim Kitchen at the ECAWA 2015 State Conference at Scotch College

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Dates: Thursday the 16th and Friday the 17th of April
Venue: Scotch College, Swanbourne
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