DIGITAL Media and DIGITAL Fine Art

Presenter: Simon Hudson

Digital Art making is a relatively new arrival in schools although it has become increasingly accepted in the Fine art world during the last 10 years.

Most children, teenagers and adults experience of Digital Art has been in photography, computer gaming, animated films and computer based scenery in feature films. This may be described as Digital Media.

However, in the last two years advances in software, the use of tablets and a growing range of ‘Apps’ and styli have made it possible for anyone to create and print pictures and three dimensional objects with great ease.

This has opened up a new world in creativity.   Will it see the end of ‘art supplies’ shops?   What is the value in the ‘original’ work?

Advances in printing technology have also made it possible for art work to be shared as archival quality prints. Students from as young as three or four are well advanced in their ability to ‘play’ with this technology.

It is now up to their teachers to come to terms with these opportunities to direct student learning and assist them to go beyond ‘play’.

Apps on both the iPad and the Android tablet will be used, as well as SketchBookPro, Adobe Photoshop Element and Corel Painter.


Simon Hudson began his teaching career as a teacher of English then Literacy and Numeracy.

He has taught Classics and Ancient History, Information Technology and a range of other subjects at State and Private Schools. He was a Training Officer in the RAAF for 10 years at a time when Computer Based Training came to the fore. He is also a Cartoonist and Digital Artist.

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in art, digital art, digital media, creativity and technology

Please note that this is a double length presentation.

Join Simon Hudson at the ECAWA 2015 State Conference at Scotch College.

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