Creative iPad Challenge

Presenter: Michael Graffin

Creative iPad Challenge:

Integrating iPads into Literacy

Do you have limited numbers of iPads? Are you looking for ways to meaningfully use iPads to support student collaboration, learning and creativity in literacy and the language arts?

Take an iPad Creative Challenge, and explore the possibilities!

Come and explore the possibilities, and share your learning with your colleagues and the world!

This is a “hands on” activity so please bring along your iPad if you wish.

Teachers will be asked to choose one creative challenge to complete in this workshop.

Please download and install any of the apps you may wish to use in this workshop before you arrive at the Conference venue.

Some of the apps we’ll consider are:

Free apps – Dropbox, Adobe Voice, DoodleBuddy

Paid apps –  (purchase those you’re interested in)
iMovie ($4/99), Explain Everything ($2.99), Puppet Pals HD Director’s Pass ($6.49), Book Creator ($4.99)

Please note that this is a double length presentation.

Intended Audience: All those concerned with Primary and Middle School education –  Elementary teachers (K-6) and Middle School teachers (7-10)

About the Presenter:

Michael Graffin (@mgraffin, @gcporganisers) is an experienced ICT teacher and global educator with a strong interest in iPad integration. He is currently working as an ICT Integrator supporting the rollout of the Iona PS K-3 iPad program.


Join Michael Graffin at the ECAWA 2015 State Conference at Scotch College.


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