Connect: The WA Department of Education K-12 E-Schooling Environment

Presenter: Jan Loftus

Connect is the Department’s online service for school administrators, teachers, students and parents.

This session will look at the unique processes that have helped the Department develop Connect as a simple, integrated online environment that supports online communication and teaching and learning from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

The use of Connect will be presented from both a strategic leadership perspective that investigates whole school approaches that can minimize duplication of workload, provide access to online professional collaboration and improve the effectiveness of existing communication strategies.

Additionally the presentation will provide  teacher perspective investigating strategies for employing Connect as a tool to improve student access to digital learning, online collaboration and feedback.

The presentation will make links between the use of online learning, AISTL standards and the ICT General Capabilities.

As an outcome of this session, participants will have a greater understanding of Connect and will be able to determine how Connect can be used to meet individual requirements.

Jan Loftus is a Principal Project Officer with the E-Schooling branch in Statewide Planning and Delivery.  Her current role involves providing consultative support to schools around the embedded use of ICT


Intended Audience: All those interested in Early Childhood, Primary, Middle School, Secondary, Upper Secondary, Network and Technical, Australian Curriculum – ICT General Capabilities

Join Jan Loftus at the ECAWA 2015 State Conference at Scotch College.



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